How to add some Pantone colors to your home?

20 thoughts on “How to add some Pantone colors to your home?”

  1. This year Pantone has totally got me! I love both colors! Last year i wasn’t so big on marsala, but this time around i can’t even choose a favorite! I seriously like them both! 😀 I think i would choose the rose quartz for the living room and the serenity for our bedroom. Got the best of both! Hehe!


    1. Yes, these colors are perfect! Just trying visualize your beautiful rooms in this colors 🙂
      Will try to add them in details to our home. And also in work with new designs of knits 😉


  2. Indeed depends on the room.. I quite like the blue on the open kitchen top right, but have used that for our bedroom wall earlier. The rose I once used for a kids’ room, with orange borders it combined wonderfully.
    Now I’m just done with our house, but prefer White, greys and aluminium, with wooden tops and shelves for warmth.


    1. Oh, it sounds great! Maybe you’ll share some photos? 🙂 I love white, wood, gray colors. This 2 colors will be like some details in our home.


  3. I could picture some serenity blue details in my home. So not a pink girl so leaving that rose quartz alone. 🙂


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