10 inspirational workspaces

12 thoughts on “10 inspirational workspaces”

  1. Making my work room stylish is something I have been meaning to do since I moved into it, however it is still in a semi-unpacked state with lots of extra stuff in it that should not be there…. Hopefully spring will bring, if not new life, but still into it.


  2. Great selection of stylish working spaces! I’ve designed and built my own studio last year and the stylish bits tends to become crowded. The green friends I have thought of but still haven’t invited them in, but you’ve convinced me!


  3. The dark vintage is definitely my favourite here! Also because it seems to have most table space, we need LOTS of this 🙂
    For the rest I love to be surrounded by art pieces for inspiration, we have a big cork board next to our workspace where we pin cut-outs and cool things to watch.


  4. I’m big on colors. So colors are the most important to me. That and … tables 😀 I never have enough tables it seems! Nor shelves for that matter 😀


  5. I love the spaces you’ve chosen! I can’t decide on what I like the most! I love the one with the gray wall, but I find the desk to be too small for me 😀


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