White color in interior

15 thoughts on “White color in interior”

  1. I had no idea that designers don’t recommend white for interior design, but i definitely disagree! Well, then again, i’m not an interior designer, but still, your collection of photos alone is enough to prove a point! I love white interiors and that’s definitely what i’m going to do in my future house. 😀


  2. I love white interiors too…my living room is currently mostly white (with color accents though).
    I hate beige (and camelia and any dirty whites) though. White or colors…nothing in between 😉


  3. Love white interiors!! I think that rooms look bigger, with more space. For walls, I also love colours near to white 🙂 And beautiful selection of photos!


  4. Despite having many beige walls (we were too lazy to paint when we moved), I’m a huge fan of white walls! I think they compliment the rest of the room a lot!!

    I just love the inspiration you shared!!


  5. Yup, love white & clean also. Lots of glass. Only disadvantage is that you see everything, and I tend to be a bit messy 🙂


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