My favorite home decor at last time is dreamcatcher. But what is it? Let’s see!

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White color in interior

I love white color so much! For me it’s like clean feelings, air and so many ways to create good interior. Some designers says that you should not use this color so much in your house, but I don’t think so. Let’s see some home designs with a lot of white color.

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Working with new hat

Look, who is my little helper – it’s Jack! He helps me shooting some my products 🙂

And now about yarn! My favorite yarn is merino wool. It’s totally natural, soft and warm.

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Do you like scarves?

Knit scarves are perfect accessories for cold weather. There are many designs. Let’s see some of them! 🙂

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Autumn decor

Autumn is a perfect gold time in the Year. You can see, how beautiful can be home decor with pumpkins.

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Warm up !

Cold weather, winds will be in next few monthes. Get ready to buy our knit accessories 🙂

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Working space and some process

Everyday started from good emothions thats why new ideas comes like a storm 🙂

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